with Certified Personal Trainer, Elizabeth Hills

You deserve to be healthy, strong and present in your life.
Imagine a  life in which you:
  • Have abundant energy.
  • Feel strong and confident. 
  • Move freely without pain.
  • Welcome opportunities to engage in recreation with friends and family.
  • Love your body!
  • Truly feeling amazing and ready for whatever life throws your way!

You deserve a life with all of that and more.  Start here.  Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Training Specialist, Elizabeth Hills, is passionate about partnering with her clients to improve their quality of life.  
Using movement based training, Elizabeth offers personalized fitness programming through one on one or small group training sessions in the privacy of her home fitness studio.  

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Discover your strength!

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Elizabeth will challenge you to reach your potential in every workout.  She will guide you to set your intention, connect with your body through breath and movement, and empower you to accomplish your goals.  Every workout is a chance to rise to a new level of acceptance for yourself, gratitude for your body, and truly make your best life possible.  

You deserve to feel amazing!  Why wait?
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I would love to partner with you on your fitness journey!

Elizabeth Hills is an ACE certified personal trainer, 
serving clients in Lake Oswego and the greater Portland, OR area. 

Commit to becoming  healthy, strong and present in your life.
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